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Transpersonal Pilates Founder
Authentic Pilates & Clinic Pilates Instructor


Classical & Dynamic Pilates Instructor

" Seeing so many bodies throughout my career and witnessing how bodywork triggered emotional responses led me to research different practices, theories and therapies, exploring the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Also, going back to the physical body if you don't sweat, it's not Pilates! " A.M.

Angela is a certified Stott Pilates instructor, Classically trained in Comprehensive Pilates following The Pilates Centre Education method in Boulder, CO. She studied Transpersonal Psychology which allows her to read and have a deeper understanding of her clients. Angela also works with injury, joint replacement and body alignment and has a wide knowledge about joints and bone structure. 

After a career in fashion, Angela came to London and became interested in body and movement. After many years of practising yoga, and performing in Aerial Dance, she discovered Pilates. Her experience as a yogi and dancer background has influenced her approach to the practice of Classical pilates.

Angela’s teaching style is intuitive and focuses on challenging and uncovering the nature of movement. She coaches her students on developing a deeper awareness of movement and strength, going beyond functional pilates training, towards integration of the whole body, mind and spirit. Her approach is holistic and Transpersonal working towards greater freedom within self. 

As well as integrating transpersonal psychology into the pilates practice, Angela works closely within a vast team of alternative therapists and physiotherapists, giving her a better understanding of body-mind integration.  Her unique approach to transpersonal pilates is influenced and inspired by practices such as physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Cranio-sacral therapy, Theta Healing, Reiki, Somatic Therapy, Tai Chi, Core Energetics and Massage Therapists.

" During years of experience I learned I Pilates should be taught individually or in small groups in order to offer a quick progress to clients. Pilates is not just a practice but involves a full holistic approach that will target muscles that you didn't even know that exist in your body." A.P.

Born in India the land of spirituality.

Abi has been passionate about athletic Sports since early age. Abhinay has played as a professional volleyball for India. He discovered Pilates after going through an injury to his lower back. He found himself in constant back pain and experienced a loss of mobility.

Abi got introduced to Pilates and he began to include it into his everyday lifestyle to aid his recovery, becoming a true passionate for Pilates especially seeing the results and change the to his movement.

The impact to his body was so drastic and positive, Abi decided to become a Certified Pilates Instructor, so that he could pass his knowledge and experience to other athletes and clients suffering from lower back pain, stiffness, shoulder injury, sciatica or simply help clients to achieve a better movement, spine flexibility, strength and balance.

Abi has been teaching Pilates in London for the last five years and he wants to continue sharing his enthusiasm and passion for Pilates striving to support his clients in every possible way he can.

Pilates Practice on a Reformer
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