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Happy Asian woman learned online workout



Expect to have a tailored session full of strong exercises using small equipment such weights, stretch bands, foam roller, chair, fitness circle. if you have. You do not need to have equipment to take your sessions at home, Angela will adapt the exercises to you needs and place you live in. This sessions are designed for you to sweat and get fit at home using low impact exercises. Angela has a vast knowledge teaching online and she will see every movement on camera, helping and guiding you through the exercises, 98% of our clients have a notorious improvement after working with Angela after 3 months. 



Mondays: 7AM - 1PM

Wednesdays: 7AM - 1PM

Thursdays: 7AM - 1PM

Instructor: Angela

Duration: 55 min p/session


By Zoom

Please for extra availability get in touch with Angela at ( We teach only Privates and small group classes in order to provide the best quality in town, our classes get booked up very quickly with our regular clients every week. We would like to recommend you to ask for availability before you purchase your sessions. 

We teach a combination of Clinic Pilates, Classical Pilates, Dynamic Pilates, Tai chi elements and embodiment work. The benefits of Transpersonal Pilates are notorious improvement on your spine and posture. This method allows the clients to change their movement patterns and also apply them to their day to day life. This practice will awaken and strengthen muscles that haven't been used before promoting strength, flexibility and balance in your body.

This sessions can prevent you from injury and they also also improve back pain, sciatica, joint replacement, osteoporosis, shoulder pain, neck pain, poor posture, post natal. 


" Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness ". Joseph Pilates 

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