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Pilates Class on Reformers


We offer Duet Sessions (2 clients p/class)

Please if you which to take Group sessions at Belgravia studio contact us, we prefer if clients book their slots directly through us.



Phone: 07871557801

Fun and dynamic classes. 

Please note our duet sessions at Belgravia are similar to a semi-private, not a big group reformer class.


In these kind of classes you will benefit from the Reformer machine, the Cadillac, the Pilates Chair, and the Barrel.


Find a friend to come with or ask us and we will find a client to join your duet sessions!

Our group classes are friendly and personalized, we like to offer the best quality so you can learn our Pilates technique to the fullest expression. 

Mondays:  Ask for availability

Tuesdays:  Slots available at 7am, 9am & 11am

Thursdays:  Slots available at 7am, 9am & 12 lunch break


(Ask for availability if you might need any other timings)

Duration: 50 min p/class


Please get in touch at:


Equipment sessions are designed for you to explore a vast amount of exercises on Classical and Dynamic Pilates Studio equipment such: Reformer which will allow you to progress faster using the support of the machines.

The benefits of Transpersonal Pilates are notorious improvement on your spine and posture. This method allows the clients to change their movement patterns and also apply them to their day to day life. This practice will awaken and strengthen muscles that haven't been used before promoting strength, flexibility and balance in your body.

These sessions are designed for you to improve:

- Knee replacement

-Hip replacement

- Shoulder replacement

- Lower back pain

- Sciatica

- Osteoporosis

- Shoulder pain

- Neck pain or tightness

- Poor posture

- Post-pregnancy

- Flexibility

- Core strength

- Balance 

- Scoliosis

- Coordination

Get ready to sweat with Angela's & Abi's sessions! She will correct your positions and make you you progress at your very best pace.  

Packages, single sessions and INTRO OFFERS are available at Fees & Packages!

" In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 3o sessions you will have a new body ". Joseph Pilates 

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